Champs Speak

Champs Speak programs help transform shy children and teenagers into confident speakers by providing them with a learning platform to speak with clarity and impact.

Champs Speak programs help your child build confidence and effective communication skills through techniques which place the child at the heart of the interaction. Through Champs Speak and Champs Act classes, we help children break down barriers to communication and focus on articulate speaking, personal development, diction and voice modulation, right pronunciation, improve fluency and more. Each level will take a different approach to help your child enhance their creativity and build their vocabulary.

Champs SPEAK


Our public speaking and story-telling courses help children gain the necessary skillset to become extraordinary speakers who are able to present their ideas and stories with confidence and conviction. This includes honing their:

Champs ACT


Through a wide range of topics such as role play, story-telling, drama and more, students will be able to explore their creativity and cultivate the necessary knowledge to improve their resilience, emotional intelligence and confidence.

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